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Signature Palace Restaurant

Description: A fully licensed Peking and Cantonese restaurant in southwest Calgary.
Signature Palace RestaurantAddress: 206 - 1919 Sirocco Drive SW [map]
City: Calgary
Province: Alberta
Region: SW
Phone: 403-246-8883 (Please mention Find Menus .ca when you order!)
Category: Chinese
SubCategory: none

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Signature Palace Restaurant Signature Palace Restaurant

Please Note: cannot guarantee that all of the menus found on the site are the most current versions. Actual prices and menu items my have changed. If you think this menu is out of date, please let us know.

Comments for Signature Palace Restaurant

Guest (2007-12-04 @ 13:00) :
Hey guys, Check out the menu and think about what you want. Debs

Guest (2008-04-25 @ 12:38) :
We ordered here for years and it was always consistant until more recently. The food can easily be too salty. And noticed less vegtables in recent times in our once full of vegtables "special chow mein" My husband got the worst food poisoning I have ever seen. He was sick for two days. Extreme chills diarraeh and vomitting for two full days. We know exactly where it came from because that was all he had eaten that day. We called the manager to let them know and their response was "not from here" and they really did nto care at all. I will NEVER order from here again

Guest (2008-06-16 @ 21:22) :
BEst food ive had, i recommend here to everyone. They are always reliable and hardworking.

Guest (2008-12-31 @ 15:48) :
Great Ginger Beef. I agree can be too salty at times. Have had a good experience over all and peanut/gluten allergy's well taken are for. PS no restaurant will ever take account for food poisoning - you have to go through the City of Calgary for that FYI

Guest (2009-01-19 @ 21:05) :
BEST food ever!!! reisists

Guest (2009-02-05 @ 12:50) :
Website seems to be shutdown by revenue Canada. That leads me to believe the food poisoning story. Thanks for the post. I'll just order a pizza :)

Guest (2009-02-15 @ 16:41) :
I see the comments about the food poisoning but I've been ordering from here for the past few months and everything has been very, very good.

Guest (2009-03-18 @ 16:44) :
FYI the site with the Canada revenue agency stuff is a website ABOUT Restaurant tax fraud not related to this particular restaurant. My family has been ordering from here for just about 4 years now and it is like most places you get delivery from. The most part it is really good but if you get food on a "off" day I find it's not AS good but it's never been really poor. My biggest complaint has been some days the sliced bbq pork is too fatty and they over do it on the sauce. Honestly the worst I can say about the food.

Guest (2009-05-07 @ 00:03) :
Hi, ive been eating at signature palace restaurant for a very loooooong time and the food is very good. I have found out that IS NOT the website for the restaurant. I see that the restaurant finally opened its own website the URL is The website is fairly new and still under construction. But CHECK IT OUT~!

Guest (2009-06-11 @ 12:01) :
this place is garbage, the original website is associated. the original owner had that website, good people. current owners are scammers, do not go

Guest (2009-09-11 @ 17:56) :
The food has gone way down hill... Don't waste your tme or money!!!

Guest (2009-12-26 @ 19:32) :
one question - how would a complication with revenue canada confirm reports of food poisoning? that's like saying that you believe that someone has cancer because his psychiatrist said so. completely unrelated.

Guest (2010-01-07 @ 18:59) :
wow, have we just had a wonderfull meal from this restaurant (pick up). On new years eve we had a sit down dinner and it was just as wonderfull. well done to the staff as we have had similar meals around the world...keep it on cooking.

Guest (2010-03-05 @ 08:49) :
Have been frequenting this restaurant for six years now and it's THE best Chinese in Calgary. The salt and pepper squid is divine and the service is always exemplary. We have never had a bad experience here. Highly recommend it!

Guest (2010-07-12 @ 19:01) :
I havent even ordered off this site... debating on if i should at all ... the coments seem to be older ... who cares about the financials all i care about is the food quality really ... and that it has NO MSG

Guest (2010-12-31 @ 14:47) :
We have been going there for the last 3 years, eating in/take out. The food is great and the staff service is excellent.

Guest (2011-06-18 @ 17:35) :
We have been ordering here for ages. Never once have I been disappointed. The food is spectacular and a great place for larger groups. The dumplings and the Special Chow Mein are to die for!! I personally think that the person who's husband got food poisoning needs to shut up and stop slamming Signature Palace. I would highly highly recommend them. They service is great. If you arrive earlier then 5:30 you are guaranteed fantastic service. No waits or anything :)

Guest (2011-10-08 @ 18:28) :
I just wanted to let idiots know.. Symptoms of food poisoning will never appear the day of eating that under cooked meal. It takes at least 24hrs before symptoms appear. So ya, don't be dumb. :)

Guest (2012-02-10 @ 11:45) :
I'v been eating here for years and it's normally very good. Last night my mother came over for dinner and we ordered in some Chinese. Needless to say, we are both very sick today and both of us stayed home from work. I can relate to the top comment. Thanks signature palace.

Guest (2012-08-15 @ 13:18) :
Very sad to report that they have hired new cooks and have changed their menu items (thier words). Ordered take-out last night and the only thing that was the same was the plain white steamed rice. The quality is now less than mall Chinese food. Will sadly be finding a new spot to order from.

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