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If you own or operate a restaurant in the Calgary area, or you have a menu you want easy access to, and can’t find it listed on Find Menus . ca feel free to contact us or upload your menu now.

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Why would you want to have your menu listed on Find Menus?

More and more people are turning to the internet first for information. It is always on and it is easy to find whatever you need. Not only is this trend occurring but it is increasing dramatically. Calgary diners realize this too as more and more people go to their favourite search engine to find out where to eat and what to order. Find Menus ranks in the first page of results for most keywords related to ordering food and finding restaurant menus.

People in Calgary looking online for somewhere to order food are finding Find Menus. A search in Google, Bing, and Yahoo! (as well as  other prominent search engines) will all include Find Menus in the top ten results, often the top result, for the most common search relevant search terms.

Having your menu included in our listings makes your establishment much more likely to be chosen by today’s savvy customers. In addition to providing great exposure for your restaurant, that exposure also comes at a very low price. For a limited time only, your menu can be added at no cost at all (yes, FREE … though a complimentary meal would expedite the process!) provided you send it to us.

Get A Web Site For Your Calgary Restaurant

Find Menus . ca also offers very reasonable prices for web site development. We offer single page websites that include images of your restaurant, your address and contact information, your hours of operation and your menu. We can also accommodate your needs if you require a more elaborate, multi-page website. Please contact us for an estimate.

Along with your custom website your restaurant will also be included in our listings and search results at no charge.

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